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== About the Game ==

Warning! The Dark Space Scourges, a band of insidious, interdimensional indecents, are causing havoc and unrest across the Dark Space! It's up to our champion, Rhossixia, to apprehend all of those indelible invaders and restore peace and order... Oh, and I suppose you can help a little bit, too. You're Rhossixia's indefinitely indentured servant, after all.

Dark Space is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up inspired by retro shooter games of old. All of the game's visuals have been drawn using only four shades of gray, and there are plenty of retro sound effects to enhance the experience. Take control of the scorpion-like alien Schkitaska and battle your opponents as you make your way through a variety of dangerous stages set within and beyond the Dark Space. Follow through with Rhossixia's orders and take down each Dark Space Scourge, one-by-one!

Schkitaska has the power to generate orbitals after defeating enemies; these friendly followers will allow Schkitaska to temporarily mutate and gain new attacks, but they will disappear if Schkitaska sustains too much damage. Up to two orbitals can be equipped at one time, and their powers will combine to produce devastating abilities! Experiment with all of the possible combinations and find the best orbitals for every situation.

Dark Space was programmed using GameMaker Studio. The sound effects were created using Bfxr.net.

Current version: 1.0.2

Currently, this game is in an early state of development and only has
one level (Phrostere). The rest of the levels, as well as the Extras
menu bonuses, are unimplemented. If you have any feedback about the
game, please share it in the comments! I would love to hear what you
have to say and whether or not you would like to see development of
this game continue.

== Controls ==

-- General Controls --
  • F1, F2, F3, F4 keys: Adjust scale of the window resolution
  • F5 key: Toggle full-screen mode
  • Escape key: End the game
-- Menu Controls --
  • Arrow keys: Navigate menu options
  • Z key: Select the current menu option
  • X key: Return to the previous menu
-- Game Controls --
  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Z key: Fire or activate the current weapon
  • X key: Equip a new orbital
  • A key: Discard the oldest equipped orbital
  • Enter key: Pause the game

Install instructions

Dark Space is an executable file. The game launches when the file is opened. Note that Dark Space will only run on the Windows operating system.


Dark Space.exe (2 MB)

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