== Important Information: Please Read! ==

Dark Space has originally been developed for the Windows operating system, and as such, it does not run perfectly in other formats. This HTML5 version has some minor issues with sounds, graphics, and gameplay that are not intended to occur and will affect your experience with the game. Please consider downloading the Windows version of Dark Space if you enjoy playing the HTML5 version!

== About the Game ==

Warning! The Dark Space Scourges, a band of insidious, interdimensional indecents, are causing havoc and unrest across the Dark Space! It's up to our champion, Rhossixia, to apprehend all of those indelible invaders and restore peace and order... Oh, and I suppose you can help a little bit, too. You're Rhossixia's indefinitely indentured servant, after all.

Dark Space is a side-scrolling shoot 'em up inspired by retro shooter games of old. All of the game's visuals have been drawn using only four shades of gray, and there are plenty of retro sound effects to enhance the experience. Take control of the scorpion-like alien Schkitaska as you fly through a dangerous variety of stages and clash with their denizens, who are less than pleased to see you.

Schkitaska has the power to generate orbitals after defeating enemies; these friendly followers will allow Schkitaska to temporarily mutate and gain new attacks. Up to two orbitals can be equipped at one time, and their powers will combine to produce devastating abilities! Experiment with all of the possible combinations and find the best orbitals for every situation.

== Controls ==

-- General Controls --
  • F1, F2, F3, F4 keys: Adjust scale of the window resolution
  • F5 key: Toggle full-screen mode (unavailable in browser)
-- Menu Controls --
  • Arrow keys: Navigate menu options
  • Z key / Y key / W key: Select the current menu option
  • X key: Return to the previous menu
-- Game Controls --
  • Arrow keys: Move
  • Z key / Y key / W key: Fire or activate the current weapon
  • X key: Equip a new orbital
  • A key / Q key: Discard the oldest equipped orbital
  • Enter key: Pause the game
  • Escape key: Return to the title screen (while paused)

== Development Status ==

Dark Space is programmed using GameMaker Studio 1.4. The sound effects are created using Bfxr.net.

Current version: 2.4

This game is currently in development, so not all features of the game are currently implemented (Achthynx's stage is completely unimplemented at the moment). If you have any feedback regarding the game, please share it in the comments! I would love to hear what you have to say.


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hey this is pretty good



finally got around to this! 


keeping track of what powerups you have and especially what combinations of powerups do what is totally obtuse. maybe a descriptive name for each combination would be better instead of the names of the critters that're following you. each of the powerup creatures is also not so different in design to be immediately recognizable, which is a problem.

the powerup system in general is a bit difficult to grasp. if i get it correctly, by picking up enough dropped energy from defeated enemies, you receive a different kind of follower/critter/powerup that can be then combined with another one? and you lose them on taking damage? the rules here weren't evident and that left me confused.


the controls are smooth and responsive, and i never felt like i got hit when i shouldn't have. you can easily tell when you've hit enemies.

there's a distinct and bizarre atmosphere here, contributed to by the graphics, unique character designs, and nomenclature. comparing it to anything is a disservice but frankly i was reminded of the darker bits of the earlier kirby games, especially the smooth, bubbly backgrounds.

the levels are quite distinct from one another, which helps it from becoming samey, and are really interesting to boot. combine with the limited palette, fluid animations, and focused art style and the game is easy on the eyes and distinct.

overall, you've got a great and polished experience here. keep up the good work!

Hey, thanks for trying my game out! I'm really glad you enjoyed playing it.

The way the weapon system works is that you can have up to two orbitals following you at the same time. There's a hidden counter that increments as you defeat enemies, eventually causing an orbital to appear. Your newest orbital is written first, and your oldest orbital is written second; whenever you pick up a third orbital or lose an orbital, the older one is the one to disappear (which is why I opted to show orbital names instead of a single weapon name in the bottom-left). You'll lose an orbital if you take three hits in succession while having the same orbital combination throughout (on Hard difficulty, you'll lose an orbital in one hit if you're holding two).

You raise some very good points, though, and I can now see how confusing the orbital system can be to new players. I've been considering adding a short tutorial stage where the core mechanics of the game are explained, and this shows me that it would be a welcome addition.